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Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could spare a few of the following items:

(1) Rain ponchos -- emergency ponchos to protect kids from the rain so they don't get sick.
(2) blankets or sleeping bags. Old, new, wool, cotton, whatever. Anything to protect from the cold.
(3) scarves, gloves, sweaters, rain coats, & beanies. to protect from cold.
(4) tarps or heavy plastic sheeting. For temporary shelter from the elements.
(5) Money - I can pick up any of the items listed above if you prefer.

Thanks all for taking time to read this. Please PM me if you can spare items as listed above. I can do a pick up this week. The sooner the better. I can also provide donation receipts for tax purposes.

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There were 134 kids helped out in Venice last week and our food bags and hygiene supplies are almost depleted.  We need whatever help people can give.  I'm begging the community to chip in a couple bucks here and there to help keep our outreach program going so that street kids can survive another day and hopefully get them off the street and into the classroom.  I went through that when I was 19 years old and I know how a caring, stable adult can really do wonders.   

I'll be taking donations all this week and Thursday I should be heading over to the storage facility to drop off a lot.  I do not need clothes.  I do need brown bag lunches (non-perishable please), hygiene kits, backpacks, blankets, and gift cards for valid shops.

Thanks everyone!


Dani Shriver
StandUp For Kids
Hollywood Outreach Counselor

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